"Singing in this choir
brought me back to life
and made me feel
part of a harmonious
whole again"
Community Choirs


Led by Hilary Davies
Hilary’s choirs made the wonderful joy of unaccompanied harmony singing accessible  to anyone who wanted to sing. The atmosphere was deliberately informal, people felt welcome, supported and unpressurised.
The purpose of the choirs was to sing for the sheer joy of singing.
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May 2021
After nearly twenty glorious years, the long term uncertainties, the health risks and the complexities of organising large singing groups indoors safely has very sadly led to the decision to bring VocalAntics Community choir and Heart&Soul Community Choir to an end.
Link to choir performances. Enjoy!
The forte of a Community Choir is that it does create positive community.  It is the highlight of many peoples week, giving them a much needed lift or enabling them to switch off from the stresses of life for a couple of hours. Singing helps people calm down physically. The body produces endorphins - the happy hormone that affects every cell in the body which lift the spirits and boosts the immune system. Firm and lasting friendships are formed. People look out for each other, support each other, laugh with each other and feel fantastic when they hear the wonderful harmonies they make together.  Singing together has great health benefits for breathing, for your heart and for emotional well-being.